Aspergers Syndrome

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I have described about the various techniques of treatment like applied behaviour analysis, verbal behaviour therapy, pivotal response treatment, cognitive behaviour therapy, occupational therapy, and finally physical therapy. Here are some of the topics covered: ¿ Detail overview and history of the asperger syndrome ¿ Effects of the syndrome on social interactions ¿ Effects of the syndrome on behavior and interests ¿ Effects of the syndrome on speech and language ¿ Effects of the syndrome on motor and sensory perception ¿ Therapies and medication ¿ Alternative therapies and treatments ¿ Available aids ¿ Children who suffer from asperger ¿ Adults who suffer from asperger ¿ How to deal with and manage a loved one who has asperger ¿ And much more...... This book goes a step further by taking you into the mind of a person who has as, what it means for you to live with a loved one who has as, and what the future may hold for you both.

ISBN/EAN 9781990268748
Auteur Matteson, Dona
Uitgever Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
Taal Engels
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